By Laws

Appendix A: Definitions

  1. Consortium: A collective research entity consisting of Housing Research Centers.
  2. Consortium Associate: A non-voting dues paying member of the Consortium. To be a Consortium Associate the individual or firm shall work in the private shelter industry.
  3. Consortium Board of Housing Research Center Directors: The operating board of the Consortium composed of the Directors of each University-Based Housing Research Center, or their designated representatives.
  4. Consortium Executive Committee: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, the Chairs of the various permanent committees, the immediate past Chair and a representative of the NAHB Research Center.
  5. Housing Research Center: An individual university-based housing research center that is part of the Consortium. For purposes of Consortium membership the NAHB Research Center shall be considered a Housing Research Center.
  6. Local Advisory Council: An advisory body selected by an individual Housing Research Center to provide local input and direction on the research needs of the region.
  7. NAHB Research Center: A wholly-owned subsidiary corporation of the National Association of Home Builders.

Appendix B: Admission to or Disassociation from the Consortium

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