updated February 2007

    1. Consortium Mission Statement
      1. To organize and operate a national cooperative network of housing research centers to promote the research needs of the residential and light construction industry;
      2. To disseminate information and facilitate adoption of technological and work organization innovations by the industry;
      3. To develop and disseminate housing policy studies and recommendations for federal, state and local governments, and the private and nonprofit shelter related industries;
      4. To develop and facilitate an information exchange network among Consortium members; and,
      5. To continue to improve the quality of U.S. housing science.
    2. Goals and Objectives of the Consortium:
      1. To become a recognized resource for housing policy and living environment research;
      2. To accelerate innovation in the housing industry; and,
      3. To promote sustainability.
    3. Operating Guidelines for the Consortium
      1. All definitions for this document shall be contained in Appendix A and subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors prior to their adoption.
      2. The Directors of each housing research center at the time of each consortium meeting, or their designees shall act as the National Housing Research Center Board of Directors.
      3. The Board of Directors shall meet once each year to conduct the business of the Consortium. The meeting shall be at the site and time of the annual National Association of Home Builders convention.
      4. The Board of Directors shall establish Consortium operating policies and procedures directed to such concerns as:
        1. Operations and maintenance of the organization including amending this document as may be required from time to time.
        2. Interface and liaison procedures with the homebuilding industry and affiliated organizations in both the public and private sectors.
        3. Consortium membership selection.
        4. Creation of permanent Consortium committees. There are hereby established three permanent committees: Administration, Research and Technology Transfer. Each Chair of a permanent committee shall be elected and shall serve a two-year term.
        5. The Executive Committee shall have the power to establish temporary committees without the approval of the Board of Directors, however at the next annual meeting after the temporary committee is established the committee shall be disbanded unless approved by the Board of Directors.
      5. The Consortium Board of Directors will elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. Terms of office will be for two years. Each officer shall be a Director or designee of a Housing Research Center. The Vice-Chair and Secretary will serve in succession to the current chair. The Board of Directors shall annually select a Secretary who shall have previously served as Chair of a Permanent Committee.
      6. An Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is hereby established. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Chairs of the permanent Committees, the immediate past Chair and a representative of the NAHB Research Center. The Executive Committee shall serve as a nominating committee for Permanent Committee Chairs.
      7. The Executive Committee shall meet twice each year, once during the NAHB annual convention and once during the Spring in Washington, D.C. or at a site chosen by the Executive Committee. All members of the Board of Directors shall be eligible to attend the Spring Executive Committee meeting.
      8. One member of the NAHB Research Center staff shall serve on the Consortium Board of Directors.
      9. An annual report for the Consortium shall be prepared. This report shall include the annual reports of the individual member institutions, and activities undertaken by the Consortium as a whole or by multiple members of the Consortium. It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to prepare this report. The draft annual report shall be presented at the annual meeting with a final report including an updated membership list being made available to the entire membership by March 31st of each year.
      10. A quorum of the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors shall be one-half plus one of the appropriate body. To take action a simple majority of a quorum is required.
      11. The NAHB Research Center shall be the repository of all Consortium records.
      12. A website containing information about the Consortium, its Bylaws, Membership and Research information will be maintained by the NAHB Research Center.
    1. Mission Statement for a University-Based Housing Research Center
      1. Each Center recognizes the stated mission of the Consortium as the fundamental philosophy which serves to guide the operation and implementation of a university-based housing research center.
      2. Each Center shall develop a mission statement appropriate to its own needs and purposes.
    2. Goals and Objectives for a University-Based Housing Research Center
      1. Each Center recognizes the stated goals and objectives of the Consortium as the basis for development and implementation of a university-based housing research center.
      2. Each Center shall develop goals and objectives appropriate to its own needs and purposes.
    3. Operating Guidelines for a University-Based Housing Research Center
      1. Each Center shall typically have a Director, an Assistant Director, administrative support, and such other officers as appropriate to the operation of the Center.
      2. Each Center is encouraged to have a Local Advisory Council composed of housing industry representatives, local and state governmental agencies, university researchers, and such other representatives as appropriate to the research efforts of the Center.
      3. Each Center shall coordinate and develop a housing-related research activity within the range of expertise represented in the Center.
      4. Each Center agrees to abide by the information exchange policies that are established by the Board of Directors.
      5. Each Center shall prepare (a) an annual report and (b) a periodic self-evaluation, and (c) a center capabilities statement for submission by December 31 to the Chairman for inclusion in the Consortium annual report.
    4. Suggested Operating Guidelines for the Advisory Council to a University-Based Housing Research Center
      1. The local Advisory Council should be representative of the area housing industry and related public, private and nonprofit agencies concerned with housing issues.
      2. The local Advisory Council should develop recommendations for research focus on an annual basis, and a longer-range plan (three to five years).
      3. Where appropriate, the University Research Center Director or designee may be Chair of the local Advisory Council.
    1. The Board of Directors of the Consortium shall develop guidelines for admission and disassociation from the Consortium. Such guidelines are contained in Appendix B of this document.
    2. Following the development of guidelines, responsibility for admitting applicants shall rest with the Consortium's Board of Directors.
    1. There is hereby established a non-voting class of membership to the Consortium to be known as Consortium Associates.
    2. Consortium Associates shall be from the private sector, public, and nonprofit agencies and other shelter industries including but not limited to NAHB members who directly want to participate in the information exchange opportunities provided by Consortium membership. Consortium Associates may also be from international university, government-sponsored, or industry-sponsored housing research centers.
    3. Consortium Associates shall be eligible to receive all Consortium publications and participate in the activities and meetings of the Consortium.
    4. Membership as a Consortium Associate shall be subject to the Consortium Associates policies of the Board of Directors and payment of an annual fee which shall be set from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Appendix A: Definitions

Appendix B: Admission to or Disassociation from the Consortium

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