Housing Research Center
Purdue University
Department of Building Construction Management
401 North Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2021

The Purdue Housing Research Center is located in the Building Construction Management Program in the School of Technology. The Center activities are directed by Prof. Robert Cox as the Executive Director. This center works in conjunction with the Division of Construction Engineering & Management, School of Civil Engineering with Professor Makarand (Mark) Hastak serving as the Research Director for Manufactured Housing. Professor Joseph Orczyk and Mr. Mark Schaurette, both from the Department of Building Construction Management, serve as Co-Research Directors for Re-Construction. Professor Panagiota Karava, who has recently joined Purdue University (School of Civil Engineering /Division of Construction Engineering and Management), has initiated a research program focusing on high performance buildings and net-zero houses.

Contact: Robert Cox
Tel: (765)494-2459
Fax: (765)496-2246

Contact: Mark Hastak (Alternate)
Tel: (765)494-0641
Fax: (765)496-2246 or (765)496-0644
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2010 Annual Report (PDF)
2009 Annual Report (PDF)
2007 Annual Report (PDF)
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2004 Annual Report (PDF)